A link to my avatar. The character displayed here is Silver Wolf from the videogame Honkai: Star Rail.

Sapphic Angels



A little more info about us.


Hi there! We’re the Sapphic Angels system. We’re computer science students at Almaty Management University in Kazakhstan, specializing in Software Engineering.

We used to go by a lot of names before. You might recognize the usernames solely or solelychloe before we were plural.

We have a fascination for anything related to system administration and we love to dabble with anything related to TypeScript, Nix, and Astro. And as hobbyist sysadmins, we self-host software for our specialized needs.

Due to our impaired eyesight, it’s our mission to strive for accessibility where possible! We want to start by providing alt text where possible for our services. For example, the images that you see in our articles all have alt text in them.

What do you do?

We’re currently members of Dijit, an unannounced and upcoming Australian-based software company.

Here are some open-source projects we’ve contributed to:

What do you like?

We like to play video games in our spare time! Our favourite games at the moment are:

We like all sorts of music! Here are some of our favourite artists and bands at the moment:

You can check out our Last.fm profile for more info.


That’s a cool 88x31 button. How can I include it to my site?

You can copy-paste the following HTML snippet to your website:

HTML snippet
<a href="https://sapphic.moe">
<img src="https://sapphic.moe/buttons/friends/sapphic/image.png" width="88" height="31" />